We Stand with the Farmers

We are a regenerative enterprise committed to telling the story of the Farmer, and of agriculture in Hawaii. We believe that keeping farms in business is the key to reducing our food insecurity and is the basis for our resilience as an island community. This means that every purchase made in this site will go right back to assisting the farmers through promotional and capacity building programs. 

Shop The Stand

The majority of farms in Hawaii are small diversified, family-owned operations. As a result, value-added products tend to be grown and made by hand, and in small batches. What farms lack in quantity, they make up for in the quality of each item not only through the value-added process but also as result of sustainable agricultural practices applied and the diverse ecosystem and soil supporting the plants. This website helps to form a marketplace that allows farmers to preserve the identity of their farm and their single-origin products, while ensuring access to reliable, consistent market. 

Hawaii Farm Trails

Hawaii Farm Stand is the 'shop' for the Hawaii Farm Trail App which is a platform that helps users find Farms/Ranches, Farmers Markets and Agricultural Events. This free App was launched with funding from the USDA Farmer's Market Promotion Program with collaboration with the Hawaii Agritourism Association, Hawaii County Research and Development Division, and the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau. The App features Hawaii County but is currently expanding statewide. You can visit the website or download the App by visiting www.hifarmtrails.com.



These projects were started by two farming sisters living in Hilo who wanted to create opportunities for their farming business. They decided to use to their professional skills to create programs for farms statewide that would help to explore the concept of agritourism as a more responsible way to conduct tourism that would minimize impact on the environment while strengthening business opportunity for grassroots, aina-based intiatives such as farms, farmers markets and related events. This is an alternative to conventional tourism in Hawaii that also provides farms with an additional income stream that can help them survive in today's climate. There are many challenges and barriers for farms and Angela Fa'anunu who is a planner by trade, and a professor at UH is dedicated to discovering these through a Baseline Study. Kalisi Mausio, on the other hand, uses her mapping and data management skills to run the App, the Shop and promotions. Please reach out to us on our Contact Page. These are community-based programs and we love hearing from the community!