Hawaiian Chocolate Farm-Box + Tour

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We are bringing the Farm to YOUR Table!

Enjoy the handcrafted quality of a different chocolate from a different Hawaiian farm every month.

Experience the authentic taste of Hawaiian chocolate a you watch an exclusive tour curated specially for you. Email us questions for the farmer!  

Your subscription guarantees support to Hawaii small-batch chocolate farmers which helps them stay resilient throughout the highs and lows and helps them just focus on making amazing chocolate. The world is a better place for it!

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

>1-2 large handcrafted chocolate bars (4-5 oz)

>Exclusive recorded tour

>Newsletter on Hawaii farm-life, food and subscriber specials!

*Subscriptions are 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. When you sign up, you are charged immediately for your first month, and then during the first week of every month thereafter. On the same day your farm box will be shipped and you will receive our monthly newsletter email along with an attachment of your exclusive chocolate-farm-of-the-month video tour. 

*Gift a monthly taste of Aloha where the value of your gift can be scale-able to your budget based on the subscription length. If you'd like to us to print out a message on our custom cards, be sure to type it out at checkout.